Hello everyone, welcome to  Gregory F/X website. We are a Charlotte North Carolina based Special Effects Makeup company specializing in film, T.V., commercial, event, scenario and live performance makeup. Our company also offers life casting, crazy zombie related events,  Grade School  and College Educational Appearences ,  How -To F/X classes, and retail prosthetics to customers. Contact us for more information: info@gregoryfx.com  Thanks for dropping by!
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Had an incredible Halloween everyone. We got to make up Cam Newton and Joe Webb from the Carolina Panthers Football. Both excellent quaterbacks in their profession. Cam became a werewolf and Joe became a zombie doctor! Lori and I used foam latex prosthetics on both.
Elijah's History Several of you have asked so I guess it's about time to fill in the background of our precious boy. About a year ago, Elijah started complaining about his neck hurting. He was coming off a season of baseball so we naturally thought it was a minute injury connected with that. As summer moved into fall and he was still complaining, waking up in the middle of the night with horrible pain, his mama took him to the doctor. The pediatrician felt confident it was a muscle strain and would heal on its own over time. Winter arrived along with basketball season and Elijah wasn't any better. His pediatrician referred him to a Sports Medicine doctor. She felt, as did his pediatrician, that is was a severely strained muscle. Because he is a bit of a worrier, she attributed the pain to muscle spasms ignited by stress. She referred him to a physical therapist. All the while, the pain would come and go without any definitive triggers. He