Hands in Time

Lifecasting is the process of capturing a person’s

likeness from using either an alginate or silicone

impression material.

From this impression , whats called a positive is

created. This is what we use to make prosthetics for 

our industry.

Using this same process, Gregory F/X is now able to

capture wonderful moments with loved ones. Imagine

holding your grandmas hand and having an exact copy of

that moment to show your kids many years later. Or a

family cast of Mom, Dad, and child.

How about one of your first cute baby bump! There are so

many ways to capture these moments and we are happy to

fill those requests. We also will travel to your location if

you cannot make it to the shop.

We make it a fun experience for the family and take photos

to remember the moment by as well.

If its a hospital or a business, we can normally get

approval as well.

Contact us today for a quote!