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Short Bio:  Gregory Hewett Owner of GregoryFX Specializing in the art of Special Makeup Effects Since 2000. Gregory has been a doing Special Effects Makeup Artist for over 17 years and opened his own business in 2000. He specializes in the concept, fabrication of and application of Special Makeup appliances, props, and all areas of the art form. Having worked on many diverse projects ranging from horror films, to T.V. shows, theatre, Opera, live events and scenario training, Gregory is a very well rounded Effects Artist.   Being devoted to helping  kids and charities helping  kids , he devotes much of his time to action packed exciting school makeup demos and for older high school kids, he is well known for doing some of the most realistic "Don’t Drink and Drive " and " Don’t Text and Drive"  live scenarios at many area high schools. His "How to FX" demos are well known for showing many concepts that are state of the art in today's special effects makeup community at Horror conventions and live events. Well known for his extremely detailed and highly accurate casualty makeup effects, many find it hard to tell what's real from what's not real with his makeup's'. Having been largely ignored as a kid trying to learn himself from unanswered letters to the pros at the time, that shaped his foundation of his open "no secrets" philosophy. Using that thinking, Gregory devotes a lot of time to training young aspiring effects artists and answering their many questions in hopes of them learning the mysterious art form the correct way and by all means, the fun way without ever forgetting how difficult it was for his early -no internet years, learning as a kid. Every where he travels to teach his motto is "Your idea and my idea, become a better idea" Having been a student of Dick Smith's Advanced Makeup course, Gregory follows a lot of the late Mr. Smiths principles of experimenting and making what's known- better , in the effects field, so you can always find him in the FX lab on his days off experimenting and testing new concepts.