Both overjoyed and deeply saddened at the same time because the model that plays “The Zombie Bride” is moving to CA to pursue her acting career. She is irreplaceable and will be missed tremendously. Rarely are we lucky enough to find someone we can have such  chemistry with that everything just flows.  I have the utmost respect for Ms. Jacqueline Carrion  and am proud she is chasing her dream. Jacqueline Carrion

November Notes

Ah  yes, November, turkey and family get together's. Not much going on this month event wise. Working on some new designs for 2015 in the shop. November is what you would call a rejuvenation month for a lot of SPFX artists. See October almost kills most of us physically and mentally, so we take a while to regroup.

My shop looked like a tornado blew through a couple weeks ago. Now that the dust has settled its back to being as clean as an FX lab can be.

Looking forward to coming events.




I was chosen to be on Season 8 of  Face Off!!! Starts in January. That’s me in the middle blue shirt.


The Zombie Bride Update